Mobile Forms

Custom IPAD APPs

Custom Android Apps

Create IPad apps and create Android apps using enterprise class online form builder tools. Create mobile forms Apps with your own brand.


Using online software build custom Apps with a single process.  Create IPad forms apps and Android forms Apps within days.

​Faster, easier, and more reliable than custom software development. Complete software platform with API integration supports IT department goals.


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Build scripts, logic and rules functionality into your business App using online form builder tools. Technical skills are not required to create your own app components.

If your not sure how to build what you need our team will he create what you need.

Custom App Development is expensive and takes many months to complete. Be up and running within weeks with greater stability and reliability.

Once the components of your App are created it automatically works on IPad, IPhone (IOS) and Android mobile devices. 

Don't forget! Technical skills are not required to create your own app components.

By leveraging the native controls built into the IOS and Android operating systems the app you create works out of the box.

Build your own Mobile Forms App Online

Build Forms Once for ipad, iphone and android devices

Your Custom app Sends data directly to internal systems or up to the cloud

Most Apps have a single purpose, and that is to get information back to internal systems. Your custom app will automatically feed collected data directly to your servers or up to the cloud where we can manage your information.

​API's can be used to import the data from the cloud directly into internal systems.

generate reports or USE an online dashboard

You have collected data using your custom app. Now you need to create reports for management.

The system comes with built-in dashboards for data reporting and data charting. Complete enough that most businesses can get their job done quickly.

Need enterprise data analytics? Using the export feature or the API's data can be ported into full dashboard systems, SAS, SPSS, or any other data reporting tool.

Our Platform Cost Less than Building custom software

$5,000 - $10,000 For Specifications

$15,000 - $40,000 For Development (per platform)

$20,000 - $150,000 Per Year for Maintenance

$200 - $300 per hour for change requests

Time Frame:

6-12 Months for delivered product

$50,000 - $70,000 just to test viability



$0 For Specifications Discussion
$0 For Development (per platform)
$5,000 - $5,500 Per Year for Private Label Fees

$20 / Month per user (less for more than 100 users)

All ongoing product enhancements included

Time Frame:
2-4 Weeks For Complet Working Solution

Free trial to make sure it works for your needs

End User License Agreement (EULA)

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